About Us

Welcome to Mystery Book Dates!

MBD is an online service for writers struggling to get published to reach a wide range of readers and help raise money for a charity to increase the standard of living of young children. Readers will get to choose from a variety of mystery books and a copy of that e-book will be sent to them. 

The title and the author of the book will not be revealed while choosing the book from our website. Moreover, all books are covered in the same cover, what we like to call a 'neutral cover' so judging a book by it's cover is avoided. Kind of like a blind date, right? The readers will only get a synopsis or summary of the story and that way readers will be open to new kinds of books. 

You can also choose a book by its genre as given in our categories above or you can choose random and surprise yourself!

You can write for Mystery Book Dates too! It doesn't have to be a complete story, it can be a collection of short stories and/or poems. Help make a difference, Contact Us!

- Rashi Watwani